The supporting cast…..

So, you’ve already briefly met me – Harry Potter nerd, hates bananas, you remember yes.

The other half trying to steer this family, the calm to my crazy, the 1 without whom I truly would’ve lost the plot by now, is my amazing husband Robin. Classic car enthusiast, kind, long suffering, banana loving, dyslexic, can fix anything, real ale fan.

Then we have son 1, T, who’s 21, also banana hating, minecraft loving, documentary enjoying, DAMP Syndrome suffering (more on that another day, it deserves a post all to itself), malt loaf loving and fab tea making.

Daughter 1, K, 19. Fierce, strong, imaginative, Autism spectrum, raspberry loving, marzipan hating, Lion King fan, self harmer.

Son 2 Et, PS4 playing, pizza loving, typical teen, hates mess, fab kitchen cleaning, film lover.

Daughter 2, Ev, artistic, food consuming, dyslexic, animal loving, ironing hating, forgetful, anxiety suffering but always smiling.

And the next act in the circus is……

Well hello there. We are the Moore family. I’m Rachael, mum, wife, art student, crazy Harry Potter fan, banana hating, chronic illness sufferer and beginner blogger.

My reason for starting this? Well, we are just your ordinary family, but ordinary families are dealing with some extraordinary things on a daily basis. This is not meant to be another parenting blog, in fact the kids probably won’t feature in half of it (I like to pretend I don’t have any occasionally for the sake of my sanity lol) and it certainly isn’t a sympathy begging, woe is me, the end of the world is nigh type of blog. I hope you’ll laugh, you might cry (fingers crossed it’s not because my writing is bad) but hopefully you’ll find support, ideas and the realisation that whatever your life, it’s perfectly normal to you.

I’ll pop back another day and introduce the rest of the madhouse xxx